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fastener drawing machine suppliers

  • SAW Wire Layer Winding Machine

    SAW Wire Layer Winding MachineRe-spooling machine for SAW welding wire Flux cored welding This machine is also called layer winding machine, re-spooling line, winder ect. it is used mostly for the production of bigger diameter welding wire like SAW wire (submerged arc welding wire) Flux cored welding wire, aluminum alloy...Read More

  • Fastener Bar Rod Vertcial Drawing Machine

    Fastener Bar Rod Vertcial Drawing MachineVertical wire drawing machine is also called single drawing machine Inverted vertical wire drawing machine is used for wire drawing of high carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire, middle carbon steel wire, profile wire, stainless wire bar, big size non-ferrous metal wire rod, especially for...Read More

  • Zinc Wire Zinc Alloy Wire Silver Wire Rolling Machine

    Zinc Wire Zinc Alloy Wire Silver Wire Rolling MachineWire rolling machine for Zinc wire, zinc alloys, aluminum alloys This rolling machine is used for the diameter-reducing processing for alloy materials (such as copper, silver, aluminum, zinc, zinc alloys, solder, lead, etc.) which are difficult to be processed by drawing. With wire rolling...Read More