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Wire Surface Treatment Of A Way To Introduce
- Jun 19, 2017 -

      Plasma spraying: including atmospheric plasma spraying, protective atmosphere plasma spraying, vacuum plasma spraying and water stable plasma spraying. Particle spraying technology is developed after the flame spray A new multi-purpose precision spray method, it has: ① ultra-high temperature characteristics, easy to spray high melting point materials. ② spray particles of high speed, dense coating, high bond strength. ③ due to the use of inert Wire Surface Treatment   Gas as a working gas, so the spray material is not easy to oxidation. & Lt; 1 & gt; The formation of plasma. The following are the same as the "At 0 ° k, the two atomic dumbbells of the N2 molecule are translational only in the x, y and z directions; when the rotation is greater than 10 ° k, the rotational motion starts at more than 10 ° k. When the temperature is greater than 10000 ° k, Intermolecular touch N + Ui - & gt; N ++ e where Ui is the ionization energy, and the ionization energy is increased by the ionization energy.Wire Surface Treatment  Gas ionization, the space is not only atoms, there are positive ions and free electrons, this state is called plasma. The following are the same as the "Plasma can be divided into three categories: ① high temperature and high pressure plasma, ionization degree of 100%, the temperature up to several hundred million degrees for nuclear fusion research; ② low temperature and low pressure plasma, ionization less than 1% Only 50 to 250 degrees; ③ high temperature and low pressure plasma, about 1% of the gas is ionized, with tens of thousands of degrees of temperature. The kinetic energy of ions, free electrons, and non-ionized atoms is close to the heat balance. Thermal Spray   It is precisely this type of plasma.

    Arc Spraying: An arc is generated between two wire-like metallic materials, and the metal wire is gradually melted by the heat generated by the arc, and the molten part is sprayed onto the surface of the substrate by the compressed air stream to form a coating. Electricity rc spraying can be divided into DC arc spraying and AC arc spraying. DC: stable operation, the coating is dense, high efficiency. Communication: noisy. The arc produces the temperature with the arc gas medium,Electrode material type and current (such as Fe material, current 280A, arc temperature of 6100K). But in general, arc spray than the flame spray powder particles contain more calories, particle flying speed Wire Surface Treatment   Fast, therefore, the melting particles hit the substrate, the formation of local micro-metallurgical combination of the possibility of much larger. Therefore, the coating and the substrate bonding strength than the flame spray 1.5 to 2.0 times higher, spraying efficiency is also higher.Wire Surface Treatment

    Arc spraying can also be easily made of alloy coating or "pseudo alloy" coating. By using two different components of the wire and the use of different feed rate, you can get different alloy composition Wire Surface Treatment