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Wire Plating For Wire Surface Treatment
- Jul 31, 2017 -

           At present, according to the way of walking line can be divided into straight-line, spiral and reciprocating three kinds.

           1 linear wire rod through the plating groove is straight-line operation, according to the Wire into the groove and can be divided into direct and import. The linear type usually runs dozens of lines at the same time in a plane, the production scale is big, because the production line is completed in a straight line range, so the equipment is longer. Direct-entry company first, with many advantages, but there is still leakage problem in the line, Zhejiang University of Technology in 1994 developed a direct-entry equipment and built 8 production lines.Wire Surface Treatment

           2 The spiral wire rod through the trough is the spiral operation, its advantage is the driving point is many, the line tension is very small, the electroplating trough space utilization is high, does not need very long production line. But only single line production, and because the transmission parts in the electrolyte movement, so that equipment reliability decline, suitable for the process, less variety of production scale. At present, the company to promote the continuous electroplating equipment in the spiral, the main customers are soft round copper plating tin, silver-plated. Some manufacturers in order to improve production efficiency and economic use of the integrated wire drawing electroplating process, the process first use the big pull machine directly to the copper wire to the desired diameter, and then carry out continuous electroplating.Wire Surface Treatment

           3 The reciprocating is between the spiral and the linear type, the standard transmission is simple, the investment is small, mainly applies to the small enterprise. Because of repeated bending and bending in the conveying process, the traction and bending forces are transmitted by the friction of the wire rod in the 180° angle of the driving wheel, so the wire is always in a high stress state. In addition, its current distribution is also very unreasonable, it is difficult to guarantee the concentricity of the coating.Wire Surface Treatment