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Wire Drawing Machine With Mold Method
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1. each die aperture: (die) D1,D2,D3...DN ....

2. each delayed roller wire drawing machine stretch factor: (constant-speed roller begins) μ 1 and μ 2, μ 3 ... μn...

3. the roller is growing much faster than: (constant-speed roller starts), ν 1 ν 2 ν 3 ... νn...

4. each sliding coefficient: 2 τ τ 1 τ 3. ... τ n ...

5. the n-th step pulley water tank type drawing machine (cumulative) slip coefficient: Tau n=Vn/Un

6. the line speed of the n-th step pulley: Vn

7. copper wire on the n-th step pulley speed: Un

8. μn=νn*τn

9. √ following in 17 die drawing machines, for example, illustrate die accounting methods:

Sliding factor τ n generally take in: 1.02-1.04 and taking τ n=1.03 c. accounting wire elongation coefficient: μ n= ν n* τ n=1.2*1.03=1.236 d. concluded that access to the line standard: wire: 2.80; out: 1.00 e. die accounting 1.0-1.112-1.236-1.374-1.528-1.698-1.888-2.099-2.334-2.595-2.800

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