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Wire Drawing Machine Cooling Method
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Drawing is an important link of wire rope laying process, drawing machine functions play a key role in the course, drawing machine of wet wire drawing machine, no slip wire-drawing machine, straight line wire drawing machines, production of conflict because metal heats, cooling for wire drawing attention, drawing machine cooling methods: direct water cooling, water cooling, compound method directly.

1, direct water cooling

Wet wire drawing machine: dies directly spray water cooling automatic drawing machine is liquid cooled and smooth, low domestic common relax of prestressed steel wire steel bar cold drawing deformation process cooling; reel, wire cooling such as British MRB firm v-wire drawing machines. This drawing machine cooling effect is very good, suitable for high speed drawing metal wire drawing machine factory, but after cooling of air quality and wire surface phosphate conditions restricting the drawing speed and the quality is the crucial factor.

2, direct water cooling

For most non-slip wire-drawing machine, such as live sets, the product line, straight line wire drawing machines generally use direct water cooling method.

Heat a small part of the process of wire drawing pass to drawing die, 85%-90% thermal belt on the drum, after cooling cooling wire to reel. Wire drawing machines should be equipped with air cooling system to enhance the cooling effect of wire.

No slip wire-drawing machine, wire in and out before and after each drawing die temperature control is the key, reel will directly affect the cooling effect of wire drawing process of compression ratio and speed.

To improve cooling of steel wire, some selection narrow water-drawing machine, thin-Web, increase Web product line, assisted air cooling solution.

3, the composite method

For straight line wire drawing machine in the other essential condition for cooling, refrigeration-drawing film poses a direct water cooling and direct water cooling combination. (Purple flame)