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What Is The Welding Principle Of Welding Wire Machine?
- Jul 22, 2017 -

 What Is The Welding Principle Of Welding Wire Machine?   

Welding wire machine, including gold wire machine, aluminum wire machine, ultrasonic welding wire machine. General Gold wire Machine multi-use ASM copper wire welding The most current market is KS's CONNX machine efficiency is very high, and the aluminum line is the most popular non-OE machine on the market.

    Welding principle: 1, the machine is used to realize the surface welding of different medium, it is a kind of physical change process. First of all, the first end of the gold wire must be treated to form a sphere (the machine uses a negative electron high-pressure into the ball), and the welding metal surface preheating treatment First, then Kings in the joint action of time and pressure, plastic deformation on the metal welding surface, so that the two medium to reach a reliable contact, and through the ultrasonic friction vibration, the two metal atoms in the role of atomic affinity between the formation of metal bonds, The welding of gold wire leads is realized. Gold wire ball welding is superior to the welding of Si-Al wire in electrical and environmental applications, but the application range is relatively narrow because the welding parts of precious metals must be heated. 2. Ultrasonic wave produced by the interaction of ultrasonic source and transducer (generally 40), after the variable amplitude rod gathers the energy in the porcelain mouth tip, the lead (gold wire or aluminum wire) in the porcelain mouth's drive to do high-frequency vibration, with the metal surface to be welded with each other friction, surface oxidation layer crack, and produce plastic deformation, finally forming a solid metal bonding in the welding surface.
Welding Wire Machine

    Domestic wire Welder from 2011, 2012, began to launch, after several years of technology accumulation, the stability of the machine is constantly improving, so now more and more customers began to accept domestic wire welding machine equipment. "At present, the front of the LED package in addition to the welding line machine, the other basic domestic (domestic rate has reached more than 90%), so for wire welding machine manufacturers, the market space is very large, it is expected that in the next few years, welding machine sales will be doubled." ”Welding Wire Machine

    For equipment manufacturers, the growth of equipment is mainly seen in a market terminal market, the terminal market if the demand is increasing, packaging plants can increase the possibility of equipment, conversely, if the terminal market has not increased, may not affect the packaging enterprises, but for equipment factory impact will be very large. So equipment manufacturers should constantly aim at different markets.

    First, reduce the cost: the width of the bracket is done more and more wide, the Y-stroke of the welding wire machine with the requirement of wide bracket is upgraded from 60mm to 72mm; second, improve brightness: the effective welding wire area of the chip is small, the effective luminous area becomes larger, thus improving the brightness of the product, complying with the requirement, the
welding wire machine can weld the electrodes? m; third, on the above two basis, "Photon fu" speed compared to the 800B series also increased by 20%.Welding Wire Machine

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