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Welding Wire Machine
- Aug 29, 2017 -

             This machine uses the ultrasonic friction principle to realize the surface welding of different medium, it is a kind of physical change process. First, the first end of the gold wire must be treated to form a spherical (the machine adopts a negative electronic high-pressure into the ball), and the welding of the metal surface first preheating treatment; then Kings in the joint action of time and pressure, in the metal welding surface to create a plastic deformation, so that the two media to reach a reliable contact, and through the ultrasonic friction vibration, the two metal atoms in the role of atomic affinity between the formation of metal bonds, the realization of the gold wire lead welding. Gold-wire ball welding is better than silicon-aluminum wire welding in electrical and environmental applications, but because the welding parts of precious metals must be heated, the application range is relatively narrow.Welding Wire Machine

            Welding Wire Machine New material box Bearing system: 90mm wide track capacity, optimized speed to meet customer application needs, achieve high output, and improve work efficiency. Simple material box handle design: Simplify design, make it more reliable and easy to convert. 1. Image recognition system new Image Acquisition engine: Robust operation provides the highest accuracy and recognition rate for different cores and lead frame materials. 2. The new nv-illumination uses the engineering illumination source, enhances the recognition rate for the small tube core. Advanced Image Acquisition Technology: After the improved processing cycle, the viewpoint correlation and the forward optical properties present the new standard for the cost-driven packaging industry. 3. K&S inspection technology high-resolution Y table, suitable for high-speed high resolution of the Y Workbench, the use of high-performance workstations and outstanding repeatability of the configuration, providing faster welding speed. Use advanced lightweight materials without reducing hardness.Welding Wire Machine