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The Working Principle And Characteristics Of Welding Wire Machine
- Jun 19, 2017 -

    Welding principle: 1, the machine used to achieve the different surface of the medium welding, is a physical change process. First, the first end of the gold wire must be processed to form a spherical (the machine uses negative electrons into the ball), and the metal surface And then under the combined action of time and pressure, the plastic welding on the surface of the metal welding, so that the two media reach a reliable contact, and through the ultrasonic friction vibration, between the two metal atoms in the atomic The role of the formation of metal bonds under the effect of gold wire wire to achieve the welding. Nitto gold ball in the electrical properties and environmental applications is better than silicon aluminum wire welding, but because of the use of precious metal welding parts must be heated, the scope of application 2, through the ultrasonic source and the transducer produced by the interaction of the ultrasonic (usually 40 ~ 140KHz), through the horn to the energy gathered in the tip of the porcelain, lead (gold or aluminum) in the porcelain mouth Driven by high-frequency vibration, and the metal surface to be rubbed with each other, the surface oxide crack, and plastic deformation, and ultimately in the welding surface to form a solid metal bonding.Welding Wire Machine

    Standard dual-frequency ultrasonic vibrator. This can be selected for different solder joints corresponding to the frequency, thereby enhancing the quality of welding to reduce the number of interruption for the species, selectable ultrasound completely controlled by the software. Wide, and can form a larger or smaller gold ball. At the same time the current control also makes the gold ball more stable.The new non-stick detection system for smaller capacitance products, each electrode can be through the machine Automatic calibration function to find the most suitable detection conditions parameters. In addition for different applications can choose the capacitor mode or high voltage mode. Wire Machine Application of gray-scale recognition to improve the recognition rate and welding accuracy, 1/3 "CCD camera to capture high quality Images, the new lens to relax the z-direction range.Through the software control of the servo system can be automatically corrected to simplify the servo adjustment.When changing the variety or to enhance the welding accuracy can be used to record the coordinates of the floppy disk to reduce the re-edit the variety 128M flash memory can store more programs. GUI operation with mouse and control ball design.Welding Wire Machine Large size color Display and a variety of image functions make the operation more simple.Program of the material exchange device and feeding system to shorten the replacement time of the species, simply in other welding machine program on the accuracy of the re-editing can be. Software from Floppy drive, easy to implement software upgrade. Programmable control of the focus lens (optional) in the mixed crystal product varieties can be highly different height of the welding conditions for automatic focus. HSMS as a standard project settings, SECS-1 can According to the use of the tab. Of course, like the use of 3.5-inch floppy disk as the use of USB memory. The use of lead-free production process control circuit board more environmentally friendly.Welding Wire Machine