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The Rapid Development Of Wire Surface Treatment
- Oct 18, 2017 -

With the rapid development of China's machinery manufacturing and processing industry, especially after China's accession to the WTO, China has become an important base for international mechanical processing, therefore, the composition of various parts of mechanical equipment, material, functionality, corrosion and even decorative , Have put forward higher requirements, the original brush on the casting method has been unpopular, paint will cover the cracks, holes, and the following process will be welcomed.Wire Surface Treatment

Casting due to the particularity of the manufacturing process, the casting surface is easy to rust, rust is difficult to deal with, if not cause attention, not only the workpiece anti-corrosion ability is poor, decorative is not good, many companies in the cast higher Of the corrosion resistance requirements at the same time, according to the casting of different working conditions, the requirements of the casting at room temperature blackening, phosphating and other special anti-rust treatment.Wire Surface Treatment

Cast iron parts for the surface of the black treatment was on the rise, due to the traditional high temperature alkaline oxidation black process processing castings, the appearance was brown or red soil, can not meet the requirements of manufacturers, and room temperature black surface of its beautiful, Low cost, does not affect the workpiece accuracy, corrosion resistance and other advantages, and by the user's welcome. Compared with the general steel, cast iron at room temperature black process both the same, but also its characteristics, the main difference is that the pre-treatment stage.

Mechanical methods to remove the scale such as: rolling, sandblasting, polishing, grinding, etc., some castings by this method, and then washed by water, can be directly black or other anti-rust treatment. First, soaked with clean water or cleaning in the workpiece before chemical degreasing rust, the first to clean the workpiece, one can first clean the workpiece again, the second is the surface of the workpiece will be filled with porosity, easy to clean the chemical treatment.Wire Surface Treatment