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Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine
- Aug 29, 2017 -

                 Linear wire Drawing Machine is the adoption of the introduction, absorption, digestion technology development and production of high-grade wire drawing machine. Suitable for drawing ф14mm of the following kinds of metal wire, applicable to draw the range of spring steel wire, rope wire, cord wire, bead wire, flux wire, gas-shielded wire, aluminum-clad steel wire, prestressed steel wire, hose steel wire and all kinds of low, medium and high carbon steel wire and so on. Machine Features: Reel narrow-slit water-cooled and forced air cooling combination; The wire drawing die is directly water-cooled, the transmission adopts a-stage powerful narrow V-belt combination + planar double enveloping worm gear pair drive or two-stage strong narrow V-belt combination drive, all closed protection system, gas tension tuning, AC frequency Conversion control technology, Fieldbus or digital mode conversion technology; touch screen display. This series of units high grade, safe and convenient operation.Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

                 Linear Wire Drawing Machine working principle: There are a number of small continuous production equipment drawing head, through the gradual pull, can be one-time steel wire cold pull to the required specifications, so the efficiency is higher. However, since the wire diameter has changed with each A-level pull-out, the speed of each drawing head line should change.Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

                 It is suitable for drawing of tyre cord, bead steel line, high/low carbon steel line, stainless steel wire and alloy wire. There is an induction arm and a tension swing arm. Tungsten carbide coating or medium-frequency heat treatment of the drawing drum, internal do anti-rust nickel treatment, surface hardness reached HRC60 above. The drawing drum is cooled by a powerful flow of specially designed water flowing into the reel without the need to reduce investment and drive costs with air-cooled devices. Provide very efficient gearbox according to special shaft diameter and deceleration ratio. Rotary wire drawing machine with soap mixer and water-cooled. Safety protection devices. AC motor, controlled by frequency converter. Main control relies on touch-screen PLC control for easy access to the operation and maintenance of wire drawing area.Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine