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Steel Bar Straightening And Cutting Machines Should Abide By The Following Provisions
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1, tank should be installed straight rack, guide tube, straightening and alignment cylinder and the cutter hole center line. 2 hand turn the handwheel, check transmission steel bar straightening machine body and attachment, adjustment, and fastening bolts, verify that normal, start running, and should check the abnormal sound of bearings, gears good straightening and cutting machine, after functioning, before operation. 3 steel diameter should be straightened, selection of appropriate alignment block and steel bar straightening and cutting motor speed. Straightening aperture than straightened steel bar diameter 2~5mm, driving speed should be selected according to diameter, large-diameter suitable for slow speed, through qualified, before feeding. 4 in the straightening blocks are not fixed, shields are not covered prior to feeding. Job it is strictly prohibited to open the protective cover and adjust the clearance. After 5 when the steel into hand and drag wheels should be kept at a distance, no 6, before feeding, not straight bar ends should be removed. Guide tube a 1M pipe before installing. Reinforcement should be sent first through the pipe and then transferred straight guide on the front of the hole.