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Several Special Methods For Wire Surface Treatment
- Nov 28, 2017 -

High-carbon steel wire in the drawing before the wire rod surface treatment, that is, pickling, washing, high-pressure water washing, phosphating, washing, saponification, drying. This is mainly to remove iron oxide tablets and rust, phosphating, saponification treatment, in order to facilitate the subsequent pull-out, need to note is: pickling.Wire Surface Treatment 

Pickling as far as possible loose wire rods, to ensure thorough cleaning of iron oxide sheet between the rods, for the serious corrosion of the first water rinse or wood hammer knock again, while the control of pickling acid mist produced by the inhibitor added, inhibitors are mainly used to control the environment, human body damage caused by hydrochloric acid evaporation, pickling early, The input quantity of inhibitors should be the 2.5-3.0% of pickling solution quality.Wire Surface Treatment

High pressure water rinse. The water quality of high pressure water is the best when the ph is 7-8, the groundwater should be used as circulating water, because of the groundwater pollution in different degree, the water quality is alkaline, so it should be neutralized in the reserve pool when the water quality is ph abnormity. Phosphating.Wire Surface Treatment 

High carbon steel wire suitable for the use of medium temperature (65-80 ℃) zinc salt phosphating, time 4-7min. The total acidity and acid ratio of free acid should be 5-8 best for phosphating liquid. As a lubricant carrier in drawing production of high carbon steel wire, the phosphating film to increase the drawing effect of steel wire should withstand temperature of 400-500 ℃. For the continuous drawing machine, drawing speed in the 6-7m/s, the best phosphating film thickness is 10-15μm. Saponification. Wire Surface Treatment

Saponification is applied to the residual acid after phosphating on the surface of the plate, while improving the lubrication effect during drawing. Saponification temperature is very critical, generally should be 70 ℃ above, to avoid the temperature is low, the solution attaches to the surface of the wire rod, not easy to dry, affect the pull-out.Wire Surface Treatment

The perimeter of the wire surface is very small, the common product specification diameter is 5-13mm. According to the difference between the mill can be divided into high-speed wire and common wire. The wire is usually made of plain carbon steel and high quality carbon steel. According to the steel distribution catalogue and the use of different, The wire includes ordinary low-carbon steel hot-rolled strip, high-quality steel wire rod, carbon electrode wire rod, and so on.Wire Surface Treatment

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