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Roller Wire Drawing Machine Of The Brief Introduction
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Pulley type drawing machine is a can product line of no sliding dry type series drawing machine; pulley type drawing machine in pulled pulled process in the, its reel circle direction wire and reel appearance along reel circle direction no relative sliding, both appearance wear volume relative smaller, and Dang Center a a volume steel drawing machine tube temporary parking Shi, this yihou surface of reel still can relies on drawing machine price their of product line volume still job a moments. Roller wire drawing machine structure simple, operation, protection, low manufacturing cost level strength, together with inverted wire drawing machine product line coefficients, stayed on the wire reel for a longer time and plenty of cooling of steel wire. But cross the line guide pulley more, not only increases the number of the twists and turns of wire and reel product, stringing the wire during drawing process along the axis in reverse, seriously affected the quality of steel quality and appearance.

These characteristics of roller wire drawing machine, resolution of this machine is only suitable for drawing small and standard request relatively low quality and strength of steel wire and other wire.