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Related Technology And Classification Of Wire Surface Treatment
- Jul 02, 2017 -

    Mechanical treatment method: mainly including shot blasting and shot peening. Shot blasting method is to use centrifugal force to accelerate the projectile, ejection to the workpiece to remove rust cleaning method. But the blasting flexibility is poor, subject to the site restrictions, cleaning the workpiece some blindness, in the workpiece surface easy to clean up the dead corners. Equipment structure is complex, easy to damage parts, especially blades and other parts wear fast, maintenance hours, high cost, one-time investment.
    Chemical treatment: The main use of acidic or alkaline solution and the surface of the workpiece oxide and oil chemical reaction, so that it dissolves in acidic or alkaline solution, in order to achieve the removal of the workpiece surface rust stains and oil. The chemical treatment adapts to the sheet metal cleaning, but the disadvantage is: if the time control is improper, even if add the corrosion inhibitor, can cause the steel corrosion phenomenon.Wire Surface Treatment
    Manual processing: such as scraper, wire brush or grinding wheel. By hand can remove the surface of the workpiece rust and oxidized skin, but manual treatment of labor intensity, production efficiency, poor quality, cleaning is not complete. For more complex structural parts and perforated parts, after acid pickling, immersed in gaps or cavities in the acid can not be completely removed, if handled improperly, will become the hidden danger of corrosion after the workpiece, and chemical volatile, high cost, after treatment of the chemical emissions work difficult, if handled improperly, will cause serious pollution to the environment. With the improvement of people's environmental awareness, this kind of treatment method is being replaced by the mechanical method. Shot peening is divided into blasting and sandblasting. The surface treatment with shot peening is great and the cleaning effect is obvious. But the treatment of the sheet workpiece by shot peening is easy to deform the workpiece, and steel shot to the workpiece surface (regardless of shot shot or shot) to make metal substrate deformation, because $literal and $literal no plastic, broken after stripping, and the oil film and base material together deformation, so for oily workpiece, shot pill, shot can not completely eliminate oil.
In the existing workpiece surface treatment method, the best cleaning effect of several sandblasting cleaning. Sandblasting is suitable for cleaning the workpiece surface.Wire Surface Treatment
    The surface treatment of steel surface treatment has two kinds of chemical treatment and physical treatment, in which the former is mainly acid pickling, and by chemical reaction on the surface of the steel, after corrosion treatment, then the use of $number stainless steel wire (acid and alkali solution) made of the wire brush roller cleaning can achieve the effect; physical processing in the form of mechanical processing, such as shot blasting, sandblasting, high-pressure water and other ways to complete the treatment to achieve results, SCS technology belongs to the latter.Wire Surface Treatment