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Protection Pouring Of Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Welding wire steel is specially for the manufacture of arc welding, welding, submerged arc welding, electroslag welding and gas shielded welding electrode steel. It is roughly divided into carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel and stainless steel 3 major categories.Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine

The hard line refers to the wire products which are rolled by medium carbon steel with high quality carbon content greater than or equal to 0.45%. The quality requirement of welded wire is mainly chemical composition, surface quality and dimension precision, and it is not required for mechanical properties generally.Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine

Hard wire steel is mainly used in the production of tire steel Wire (C0.80%~0.85%), gang Line (C0.60%~0.75%), prestressed steel wire, galvanized steel wire, steel stranded wire and steel wire rope, etc. Hard wire rod refers to high-quality medium, the diameter of low alloy steel, alloy steel and some special steels manufactured by high carbon steel and deformed resistance is d=5. The hard wire of 5~12mm (large scale wire rod d=12~25mm) is the raw material of processing spring, steel wire rope, tyre steel wire and low relaxation prestressed steel wire.Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine

What are the requirements of continuous casting hard wire steel for pouring? The use of protection-shaped pouring, in order to heat preservation and prevent two times of molten steel oxidation, using high-quality refractory materials long water mouth, tundish lining and submerged nozzle, to prevent foreign inclusions; The liquid surface height of molten steel in tundish is 700~900mm, It is advantageous to the floating of large inclusions. If the process parameters of the continuous casting process are not well controlled, too high temperature, mold cooling too weak, the second cold strength is not enough, columnar crystals are too developed, such as the production of equiaxed crystal is inhibited, the enhanced columnar structure leads to the formation of trans-liquid core bridging, will further promote the formation of central segregation. In order to avoid the loose center of billet and segregation of components, the low-temperature casting process should be used to control the superheat of molten steel and the ≤20℃ of heat fluctuation ≤±10℃.Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine

Increasing the cooling strength of two times is a very effective means to reduce carbon segregation of high carbon steel slab, the increase of two cooling strength can make the liquid core heat quickly away, the liquid core temperature drops rapidly, at the same time under the strong cold condition, the solidification front balance advance, does not appear the individual prominent point, has suppressed the billet columnar crystal growth, has enlarged the equiaxed grain region. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of casting billet, strong cooling technology must be adopted in producing medium and high carbon hard wire steel, especially steel cord (B70LX, etc.) of prestressed steel Strand (82B). This is also a commonly used approach at the international stage.Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine

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