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Key Points For Making Wire Surface Treatment
- Sep 26, 2017 -

     Wire according to its cross-section shape of steel, in fact, has become independent steel category. Diameter 5-4mm hot-rolled round steel bars and threaded steels below 10mm, commonly known as wire rods. Most of the wire coils are rolled into coils, so they are also called wire rods or disk rounds.Wire Surface Treatment

     The wire is usually made of ordinary carbon steel and high quality carbon steel. According to the distribution catalogue and the use of steel, wire rod includes ordinary low-carbon steel hot-rolled strip, high quality carbon wire rod, carbon electrode wire rod, quality thread wire rod, steel wire rope rod, wire rod and stainless steel rod, etc. Wire Surface Treatment

     Common low carbon steel hot-rolled strip (gb701-65), common low carbon steel hot-rolled strip from low carbon plain carbon structural steel or lower yield point of carbon structural steel rolling, is the largest wire varieties use the most widely used wire rods, it is also known as ordinary wire, abbreviated general line.Wire Surface Treatment

    Ordinary mild steel without twist control cold, hot-rolled wire rod (zbh4403-88), without twist control cold, hot-rolled wire rod from the torsion-free high-speed wire rod mill after rolling to take control cooling, the same material and general line, but no twist control cold, hot-rolled wire rod with high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, high mechanical properties and so on. Wire Surface Treatment

    Main use: Non-twist control cold, hot-rolled wire rod dimension accuracy of a, B, C three. A, B, C-level precision for wire drawing, construction, packaging and welding electrodes, such as the use of B, C-level precision for processing into bolts, screws and nuts and so on.Wire Surface Treatment

    High-quality carbon steel wire rod (gb4354-84), high-quality steel wire rod is made of high quality carbonaceous structural steel. It is one of the varieties with large quantity of wire. Main purpose: High quality carbon steel wire rod is mainly used for processing carbon spring steel wire, oil quenching and tempering carbon spring steel wire, prestressed steel wire, high strength high quality carbon structural steel wire, galvanized steel wire, galvanized stranded wire rope, etc.Wire Surface Treatment