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Introduction To The Method Of Wire Surface Treatment
- Aug 15, 2017 -

     In the process of nickel and nickel base alloy wire, the removal of oxidized skin after annealing is a key problem. By using high-pressure water blasting method, the traditional pickling process with low recovery rate and serious environmental pollution can be removed, but in the actual production process and result situation, the failure rate of sand-blasting descaling process equipment is high, and the effect of low production efficiency is not ideal, and it becomes the bottleneck of severely restricting production. When the sand-blasting descaling process can not meet the production needs, the traditional pickling process of the nickel alloy wire is still used, which increases the material turnover cost and the production cycle.Wire Surface Treatment
     A nickel alloy wire surface treatment method, the treatment process will be nickel alloy wire rod using cemented carbide tool stripping nickel alloy wire oxide and surface quality defects, the use of planetary belt disc rotation and peeling nickel alloy wire surface friction, nickel alloy wire surface polishing. Polishing: Starting the polishing machine, polishing the surface of the strip after peeling, using 4 strips of sand, the abrasive belt disc uses the planetary rotation polishing way, in the winding to treat the wire rod revolution while the sand belt itself carries on the rotation, through the sand belt and the wire rod surface friction achieves the polishing goal, according to the Wire rod surface quality request, may choose 80-800 mesh belt and three different gear speed to adjust.Wire Surface Treatment
     The discharge line of the wire rod is treated by the wire-laying device, and the wire tray is rotated by traction force, and the wire wheel is straightened by 16 pairs of 32 metal wire wheels in horizontal and vertical direction, and the V-groove is machined on the wire wheels. By adjusting the spacing fixed wire position, wire wheel through the motor drive to rotate, and drive wire walking; mechanical peeling, peeling device with knife plate and vehicle knife, wire through the center of the vehicle, knife plate has motor driven around the wire rotation, speed adjustment is divided into three grades, The cutter feed quantity is adjusted according to the stripping effect to adjust the range of 6-14mm; stripping collection, collecting device for the motor-driven conveyor belt, to achieve the stripping of nickel alloy wire oxide skin to collect; the surface of the nickel alloy wire after stripping is polished with the abrasive belt grinding device.Wire Surface Treatment