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How To Use Wire Machine
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Today, LED welding wire machine commonly used manual mode (manual machine), that is, through the microscope, the human eye alignment LED chip solder joints, manual movement position, alignment wire. This kind of way needs to rely on the skill level of manipulating the workers, the quality can not guarantee the same, the speed is slow, can not raise the production efficiency.Wire Machine

We design and develop the gold wire mesh machine vision positioning software, using image recognition positioning technology, automatically find the LED chip solder joints, so as to guide the mobile station to move to the specified location, automatically completed the welding of left and right solder joints. This way, to get rid of human factors, positioning and movement to rely on the machine to complete, thus reducing the technical requirements of the operator and labor intensity, welding line stable and reliable, greatly enhance the quality, reduce material waste, improve production capacity.Wire Machine

Automatic wire bonding machine is the use of ultrasonic frequency of mechanical vibration energy, connecting the same kind of metal or dissimilar metals. Metal in the ultrasonic welding, neither to the workpiece to send current, nor to the workpiece to the high temperature heat source, but the vibration energy into the work of the friction between the welding surface of the metal limited temperature, resulting in plastic deformation, in the initial stage of welding Eliminate the oxide film and impurities in the welding area, under the action of a certain static pressure, so that two kinds of metal together, that is, to achieve a solid welding. Features of automatic wire bonders.Wire Machine

Cost savings: effective savings in labor costs, one can operate multiple machines, but also to avoid the use of manual wire bonders produce a lot of bad products, resulting in waste of materials. Energy saving: the energy required for automatic wire bonders is comparable to that of a conventional manual wire bonders. Long life: automatic wire feeder is the use of high-quality imported parts and finishing parts, with excellent wear resistance, easy to install, high precision welding, the effective delay of machine life.Wire Machine