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How To Adjust Steel Bar Straightening And Cutting Machine
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine tapping is not straightening process of reinforced steel bar straightening and cutting machines, straightness does not meet the customer's expectations. Steel bar straightening and cutting machine caused iron straight out what is the cause?

Study finds that think steel bar straightening and cutting machine cause of iron is not straight six, namely: straightening iron wheel pressure tight enough, reinforcement not straighten tube cold-rolling ribbed bar production line center line straightening and wheel, new machines are not running too hard, steel is of poor quality, individual straighten wheels does not turn, straightening and the badly worn.

1 iron, straightening wheel pressure tight enough: swapped round again adjusted its three-stage steel bar straightening machine art is slightly loose, slightly hard.

2, steel is not on the upright tube centre line: on the steel back stainless steel straightening machine for threading, be sure to put rebar in straightening and on the centerline of the barrel.

3, machine straightening new round is not running: new steel bar straightening and cutting machine, you should try running, a break-in period for its various parts.

4, steel was too hard is of poor quality: If excellent reinforcement material, resulting in steel bar straightening and cutting machine to adjust the deviation from straightness high bar, then the steel base metal needs to be replaced.

5, straightening and wheel not turning: straightening round isn't going to work, mostly due to bearing damage caused by, users just need to replace the damaged bearing.

6 serious wear, straighten wheels: If straightening round steel bar straightening and cutting machine as a badly damaged the iron is not straight, so customers need to swap direct replacement.