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Flexible Manufacturing System Of Welding Wire Machine
- Nov 28, 2017 -

The flexible welding line is programmed by using the teaching device to simulate the step-point directly on the workpiece. It is the trajectory of the torch in the process of movement in the form of a step to confirm, and through the welding nozzle and workpiece in the contact process to form a short-circuit to the default workpiece shape and specific position. Therefore, in the early stage of the workpiece preparation, the requirements of the workpiece is more complex.Welding Wire Machine

Flexible welding line is a flexible manufacturing system (FMS), which consists of five parts, such as loading and unloading trolley, main control platform, accompanying tooling, welding station and storage table. After clamping the workpiece, using the output signal of the sensor, the workpiece on the accompanying tooling is transported by the transporting trolley to the welding positioner in the welding station, then controlled by the main console and automatically welded by the manipulator. It differs from a single welding machine, so it is also different in the process arrangement.Welding Wire Machine

In the programming process, the programmer will choose different welding parameters according to the size of the groove. If the groove is uneven, there will be defects such as incomplete weld seam or welding filler overflow during the welding process. Therefore, in the process of sheet metal processing, mechanical groove is usually used instead of manual groove.

The position error of the weld seam is ≤3mm in the welding process. This is very high for the uniformity of weld position in the process of mass production. Whether it is bending parts, calendering parts or other forms of workpiece, in the process must be accurate in place, otherwise the welding will cause great impact. In addition, the positioning requirements for tailor-welder are also very high.Welding Wire Machine

Solder joints refer to each step point with welding parameters, and the space point is the step point where the manipulator moves as short as possible to the starting point of the weld when running in the weld space. A pause time should be set at the beginning and end of the weld, typically 0. 2 seconds. It can effectively avoid welding defects such as arc pits or weld seam disconnection.Welding Wire Machine

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