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Factor Composition Of Welding Wire Machine
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Stainless steel wire (≤ 40mm rod) using Morgan 45 ° two or Cox three roller (Y type) rolling mill production process. General product specifications for the 5.5 ~ 40mm coil. Finishing speed of 50 ~ 60m / s (ferritic stainless steel) or 70 ~ 60m / s (austenitic stainless steel). As a result of the use of torsion rolling, the product surface quality smooth, high dimensional accuracy. ≤ ø20mm wire rod diameter deviation can reach ± 0.1mm, ø40mm bar can reach ± 0.2mm, plate weight can reach 2t.Welding Wire Machine Rods are hot-rolled steel products with a certain diameter, and some of them are cold drawn to the final product. In general, the iron oxide skin produced by hot rolling, lead bath quenching and intermediate annealing on the surface of the rod material is removed by pickling or mechanical means prior to cold drawing. But there is no iron oxide skin completely removed, which led to wire breakage, resulting in wire defects and mechanical properties of the situation.Welding Wire Machine In the direction of the length of the wire alternately made of iron oxide part and no iron oxide part. The removal of iron oxide skin is shot peening and pickling. Respectively, to produce these two methods of test materials. The test material was extracted and the deformation of the tensile stress and the deformation behavior of the oxide scale were investigated.Welding Wire Machine

The first factor affecting the thickness of the oxide scale is the annealing temperature, the higher the annealing temperature, the thicker the oxide scale. The second factor affecting the thickness of the oxide scale is the holding time, the longer the holding time, the thicker the oxide scale. In addition, when the iron oxide skin is thin, the scale between the oxide and the base steel is poor, there is a gap between the iron oxide and the base steel. The effect of iron oxide sheet on the tensile stress is determined by the use of an iron oxide skin portion and an iron oxide-free portion in the lengthwise direction to examine the tensile stress at the time of drawing Welding Wire Machine

The heat treatment of the test material was 810 ° C for 60 min. The method of removing iron oxide skin is shot peening and pickling. Pull the wire of Ø5.74 to Ø5.14mm to measure the tensile stress. From the determination results, it can be seen that the tensile stress of the residual part of the oxide scale is greater than that of the shot peening and pickling to remove the tensile stress of the oxide scale.Welding Wire Machine

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