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Electrical Links For Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine
- Sep 26, 2017 -

      Semi-rigid coaxial cable is highly required for welding performance because it is connected with various connectors. Silver has good welding properties, but its discoloration resistance is poor, although the ternary alloy has a good resistance to discoloration, the appearance is similar to silver-white, but the welding performance is sometimes unstable, now has a new tin-zinc alloy coating, suitable for semi-rigid coaxial cable electroplating, both silver-white bright coating, and good welding performance. Because of the cyanide-free electroplating process, its environmental performance and cost performance are better than silver plating and ternary alloy.Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine

     If there is no tin-zinc alloy to do the anode, you can stand alone tin plate, because the metal zinc in the acidic environment dissolved quickly, so the anode is not suitable to join the zinc plate, can be added through analysis to add, also can be a short time to hang into the zinc plate to supplement zinc ions. The main point of the tin-zinc alloy is to control the content of zinc in the alloy between the $number, so as to have a good corrosion resistance, too much zinc content, it shows similar to the properties of galvanized.Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine

     Tin-zinc alloy occupies an important position in the protective coating of steel. Tin-zinc alloy coating steel matrix is an anode coating, the chemical stability of more than or equivalent to expensive metal cadmium. This coating can also be polished, but also to maintain a long time, it is also easy to brazing, do not produce long "white hair" phenomenon.Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine

    In contact with aluminum parts, it is not easy to form corrosion electric coupling, it is a relatively ideal protective-decorative alloy coating. Zn-Zn alloy coating with zinc-bearing mass fraction is $number, the highest corrosion resistance. The coating has fine crystallization, no pores, and good corrosion resistance in sulfur dioxide atmosphere, and the coating is treated by chromate passivation, which can further improve its corrosion resistance, but the passivation of alloy with high SN content is difficult.Zinc Wire Tin Zinc Aluminium Wire Machine