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Current Status Of Hardware And Mechanical Industry
- Jan 01, 2018 -

When the financial crisis swept through the world, China's hardware industry was not immune to the collapse of some weak, low-tech companies. The hardware industry business association has conducted various forms of seminars, and industry media have called for the rescue of "poor businesses" from different angles.

Chinese hardware and electromechanical industry collective lost and abnormal

America's second cargo crisis has spread to every corner of the world like a plague, and China has not been spared. The Chinese government reported GDP growth slowed, the United States, the European people tighten their belts, reduce the use of cheap Chinese products, when the Chinese Internet marketing icon Mr Ma to cry, cry "winter" to China's small and medium-sized enterprises, the Chinese hardware mechanical and electrical industry seems to be lost overnight, integrity has become slaves of the environment, sad!

Industry association has carried out various forms of seminars, hired well-known experts in the so-called "sermon", these are normal phenomenon, admittedly, but the author in China hardware mechanical and electrical business owners see the more there is panic, is the headless flies everywhere disorderly bump, the usual things gone firmly of the so-called "entrepreneurs, who talk a lot about where, at ordinary times the usual way of management which go to, I can not help but ask.

As a medium, this should have been the objective report, the correct guidance function and function. But many of our industry media have agreed that we should save the "poor businesses". But never from the height of the economic law analysis, this phenomenon is a kind of economic cycle only negative performance, is sure to eliminate some enterprises, enterprises should take advantage of such challenges, improve yourself. If companies are struggling to cope, why not think about other people's business and their own businesses are at stake, it's time to review themselves.  

The Chinese hardware and electronics industry in hot water need not pity but the fittest. From the point of view of political economy, government departments are hard to abandon backward enterprises. And from the law of market economy, from the integrity of the industry industrial upgrading, since we can't take the initiative to eliminate these enterprises, using the power of the financial crisis, is bound to eliminate those enterprises should die. From China's economic long-term consideration, simple labor-intensive enterprises, resource consumption will inevitably need to upgrade technology and capital intensive enterprises, so let's be, compassion, but to give up beating the water companies, because in essence, they must die, so, the Chinese hardware mechanical and electrical industry to thoroughly get rid of the imitation stage, stage of low price competition, high added value, the era of brand marketing of technology innovation.