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Copper Wire Drawing Machine Operating Principle
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1. use wire to pull, is the power winding of traction during the wire, copper wire through wire-drawing die pultruded plastic deformation occurs, uniform shrinkage and expanding

2. wire drawing machine is to use copper wire with extensibility, using molds of aluminum wire drawing machine compression to make it smaller in diameter and reach we need wire diameter size, machine us lines and lines constitutes resumption, after inverter maybe mechanical conditioning to both situations.

Use drawing machine of what career?

Wire drawing machine occupation, types of devices involved many more drawing machine of water tank type drawing machine, straight line wire drawing machines, roller type wire drawing machine, inverted wire drawing machine, drawing machine first used in copper wire, stainless steel wire, metal cable information processing, a Hangzhou wire drawing machine wire and cable processing equipment manufacturing career is extremely important. Followed frequency adjustable speed skills of constantly development, frequency adjustable speed device now has was widely using in drawing machine career, bear with drawing adjustable speed, and tension volume take, and multilevel synchronization control, link, frequency copper drawing machine of using, greatly improve has drawing machine of automation level and processing capacity, and effective reduced has equipment of units energy and maintenance cost, get has career of widely identity.

Wire: wire line, all part of wire drawing machine, its controller not too high on the precision, the majority of wire drawing machinery, lines of action, was driven by inverter frame completed, but there are some double frequency conversion control of wire drawing machinery, even directly after drawing link thread tension stretching into drawing machine, complete the free on line;

Drawing: drawing step is drawing the most important aspect of the job. Different metal materials, different kinds of silk, and requests, drawing link has a lot of different article behind the elaborate water tank type drawing machine with straight wire drawing machine detailed procedures;

Wire: wire link determines the speed of all the production power of wire drawing machinery, is the most difficult to manipulate the system. In your line, manipulation skills are commonly used synchronization control of winding tension control in metal products.