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Common Sense Of Drawing Machine.
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Wire drawing machine is a kind of widely used machinery and equipment, is also a big customer demand larger products, but the understanding of wire drawing machine is rare, and understand the performance of wire drawing machine, to help manufacturers high efficient production, as well as producing good quality products, so what's the performance wire drawing machine

Performance of wire drawing machine.

(1) firmly adsorb on the wire surface and enter the wire drawing die with the steel wire, effectively separating the two interfaces of the deformation zone;

(2) the resistance to high pressure and high temperature, high pressure and temperature rise during drawing on, under the condition of lubrication film can remain its continuity and lubricity and not destroyed, coking, agglomerate and metamorphism, namely has the physical and chemical stability;

(3) have good extensibility and lubricity, which can not only firmly adsorbed on the surface of steel wire, and can be extended in accordance with the steel wire deformation, lubricating film layer structure, each layer within the molecular binding force strong and weak molecular bonding force between the layers;

(4) the components that make up the lubricant will not react with the steel wire matrix to produce compounds that affect the properties of the steel wire, or corrode the steel wire and be easily removed.