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Cold Welding Wire Machine
- Jul 31, 2017 -

            Some developed countries abroad have become very popular. Although some domestic companies have become familiar with the use of cold welder, but has not yet reached the extent of popularity. I believe that with the cold welding technology problems are broken down, blank is filled, the domestic market is becoming more mature, cold welding will be more and more acceptance of the field.Wire Machine

            The working principle of cold welder is that under the action of concentrated pressure load, the two contact surface area which need to be connected is enlarged, which causes the original barrier of welding on the welding surface to rupture, and the high pressure load also makes the exposed pure metal material close contact, producing the bonding between atoms. The joint interface of the cold pressure welding head, which is seriously deformed during welding, presents the complex spatial morphology of the peak-valley and indented, which is larger than the simple geometrical section. Under normal conditions, the cold pressure welding head of the same metal is not less than that of the parent material, and the strength of the cold pressure welding head of dissimilar metals is not lower than that of the two sides. A lot of metal materials in the traditional high-temperature welding will lead to deformation of the joint, foreign body doping, electrical resistance to become weak and so on.Wire Machine

            General hardness is not high, ductile good metal wire are suitable for cold welding machine.   For example: aluminum, copper, nickel, platinum, gold, silver, brazing and its alloy, and so on, two different kinds of metal can also be welded, and the welding effect and the same material welding effect of two. Note: At this stage, the use of cold welder tools, copper and other metal force on the upper limit of 200kgf/mm 2, so iron, steel and its alloy, such as high hardness of metal can not be cold pressure welding, the company is studying other feasible options, interested friends can contact us.Wire Machine