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Characteristics Of Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine
- Oct 18, 2017 -

High-carbon steel wire in the drawing before the surface treatment, that is, pickling, washing, high pressure water washing, phosphating, washing, saponification, drying. This is mainly to remove the iron oxide and corrosion, phosphating, saponification treatment, in order to facilitate the subsequent drawing, it should be noted that:Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Pickling. Pickwash as much as possible to loose the wire rod to ensure that thoroughly clean iron plate between the iron plate, for the serious corrosion of the first water rinse or wood hammer and then pickling, and pay attention to control pickling acid mist generated inhibitor added Amount, the inhibitor is mainly used to control the evaporation of hydrochloric acid on the environment, the human body caused by injury, pickling early, the amount of inhibitor should be the amount of pickling lotion 2.5-3.0%.Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

High pressure water rinse. High water quality of water is 7-8 when the best, should use groundwater as a circulating water, due to large and medium cities in China, varying degrees of groundwater pollution, water quality alkaline, so the water quality PH anomaly should be in the spare pool Make the necessary neutral. Phosphate. High-carbon steel wire suitable for use in the temperature (65-80 ℃) zinc salt phosphating, time 4-7min. The phosphating fluid index, the total acidity and the acid ratio of free acid should be 5-8 best. As a high carbon steel wire drawing production of the lubricant carrier, to improve the effect of steel wire drawing film withstand temperature should withstand 400-500 ℃ temperature. For continuous drawing machine, the drawing speed is 6-7m / s, the optimum thickness of the phosphate film is 10-15μm.Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Surface crack surface cracks are characterized by: the presence of the surface, the depth of different sizes, there are straight, curved and bent shape, to a certain angle to the internal penetration of wire. Should take measures to: improve the quality of slab to prevent non-metallic inclusions, bubbles, segregation and other defects generated at the same time to strengthen the stacking effect; regularly check whether the guide center, guide the presence of iron oxide skin clogging; Excessive wear or damage to the groove when handling the pile.Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine