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Automatic Wire Machine
- Jul 10, 2017 -

             Automatic welding wire machine is a set of computer control, motion control, image processing, network communication, by a number of highly difficult XYZ platform composed of a very complex light, machine, electrical integration equipment, he requires high response equipment, low vibration, high efficiency, stable ultrasonic output and ignition system, high-precision image capture, welding materials through the automatic upper and lower material system to achieve automatic cycle welding. Widely used in the production of light-emitting diode (LED lamp), SMD Patch, high-power led, triode, Digital tube (digital display), lattice Board (DotMatrix), backlight (LED backight) and IC Soft Package (COB) CCD module and some characteristics of semiconductor internal lead welding.Wire Machine

             Ultrasonic welding Machine is a special method to connect the same metal or dissimilar metal by using the mechanical vibration energy of ultrasonic frequency. When the metal is in ultrasonic welding, neither the current is conveyed to the workpiece nor the high-temperature heat source is applied to the workpiece, just to change the vibration energy to the workplace friction, so that the welding surface metal heating, plastic deformation, in the early stages of welding to eliminate the welding zone oxide film and impurities, under a certain static pressure, so that the two metal health and together, that is, to achieve solid welding. The metal bonding between joints is a kind of solid state welding which is realized in the case that the material does not melt, so it overcomes the phenomena of splash and oxidation produced by welding effectively. Ultrasonic welding wire function to the gold, silver, copper, aluminum, nickel and other non-ferrous metals of fine wire single point welding and more welding.Wire Machine

             At present, fully automatic wire welding machine in the LED industry has been widely used, is the LED industry packaging indispensable equipment, manual and semi-automatic welding machine due to the production capacity can not meet the needs of the market, has gradually been replaced by automatic wire welder, but in a long time as a complement to the auxiliary equipment is still indispensable. Automatic wire welding machine technology is technically a High-tech products, because the automatic welding wire machine technical content is relatively high, the vast majority of domestic market or imported equipment occupied, and imports of fully automatic wire welder in the price has been high, to a large extent limited the development of China's led market. Domestic than sharp automatic welding wire machine for a few manufacturers can produce, however, in the welding line speed with the import of the machine there is a certain gap, to like solid crystal machine, dispensing machine, glue machine and other packaging equipment to achieve a higher degree of localization, but also after several years, or even longer efforts.Wire Machine