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Application Of Oren Inverter, PLC And HMI In Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine
- Aug 13, 2017 -

             The control system of wire drawing machine is used to control the 4-level straight-line wire drawing machine, including the Wire drawing machine of prestressed steel wires and all kinds of wire, and the system open operating parameters, so it has very wide adaptability.Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

             A. Control scheme: 1. The point of logic, the individual points of each point of the motion + each point of the "front linkage." 2. PID control, PID input value is the feedback of all levels of tension sensor analog, P, I, D and Range parameters HMI settings, PID output value is the frequency of change, and finally the results of the PID calculation and the level of basic frequency integration into the target frequency. 3. Using the Intelligent control mode of PLC touch screen, all parameters can be changed by touch screen and controlled by PLC. 4. Equipped with the corresponding button and foot switch, operators can be at the point of operation of the wire and start to stop, can also be more complex operation in the console. 5. Air blower, oil pump, mechanical lock and other external components control optional, analog control mode and Modbus control mode is optional.Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

             Two. Automatic process: 1. Press the Start button, the inverter at all levels according to the set acceleration, even accelerate to the set line speed, rewinding using F3000 inverter torque control. 2. The plc is based on the tension signal PID operation, in order to ensure the operation of all levels of tension constant. 3. PLC will calculate the results, through the Modbus bus or da module sent to each inverter, each inverter according to the instructions of the PLC operation. 4. Press the Stop button at any time, inverter will be set to reduce speed, uniform deceleration to 0 speed, and then hold the brake to move; any time press the emergency stop button, inverter output cut off, while the PLC output lock signal, in the case of disconnection detection signal, according to emergency stop processing.Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

              Three. PID Detailed Description:The core technology of straight-wire drawing machine control is PID operation, we adopt the more complex dynamic PID control mode here, in the small power wiredrawing system, the static PID can satisfy the control demand completely, can change the parameter, realizes this transformation.Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine