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Accurate Steel Bar Straightening Machine To Use:
- Mar 29, 2017 -

First, according to the diameter steel straightening machine, proper alignment, dragging Groove and drive speed. Aperture should be larger than the diameter of the straightening blocks 2~5mm, sheave Groove width and the straightening of steel bar diameter.

Second, the adjustment of the straightening blocks. Usually has five straightening of tube straightening, 1th, 52 straightening blocks shall be placed on the line in, three off center from the center line. Mercy steel offset 3mm offset, through trial and adjustment, such as steel are still slow corners, and gradually increase the offset until stop.

After the required three, intercepted three or four steel rods down to view the length is appropriate, if there are errors, you can adjust the limit switch or cut to length plate until you found the right stop.

Four, the guide tube should be installed on the front of the mercy of a 1-meter bar. Straightened bars should be through the pipe, then put into the guide tube and upright tube, steel closer to straightening to avoid each popup at the end cuts.

Five, straightening blocks are not fixed, before shields did not cover, there should be reinforcement to avoid running into machines, straightening blocks fly out wounded people.

No stacked on six, mechanical objects, objects to avoid mechanical vibration into the body. Rolled steel mount down, hands and drum should insist on a certain interval, may not adjust the drum machine work, prohibition of wearing gloves operation