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Accuracy Of Wire Machine
- Oct 11, 2017 -

The use of advanced image recognition technology and automatic positioning technology, to achieve the automatic and accurate positioning of the solder joints. Strong and robust digital ultrasonic ensures reliable and reliable solder joint quality. Automatic frequency tracking ultrasound system and a reasonable design of the welding head to ensure the quality of the solder joints. The original digital pressure control system ensures constant pressure output ensures solder joint consistency. The upper and lower cutting mechanism uses a variety of electronic sensing mechanisms and electric shock control to ensure the reliability of automatic loading and unloading. The proper design of the fixture and the unique feeding mode guarantee the quality of the welding and greatly improve the efficiency of the work.Wire Machine Sophisticated mechanical transmission mechanisms and reliable industrial computers and independent intellectual property software ensure the accuracy of the welding position. With a welding is not on, off line abnormalities and other fault alarm shutdown function, greatly reducing the defective rate, while greatly improving the output. More operable and user-friendly.

With high accuracy (up to 0.93μm), fast (up to 1.4S / line) features, and we in the original manual technology on the basis of the use of image recognition technology, the new ultrasound, welding head and cutter design, Coupled with precision bearings with stepper motor as a sports platform, solderability and stability has been greatly improved.Wire Machine

The movement of the welding head in the Y and Z directions is driven by a computer-controlled stepper motor, precision screw and rail drive, flexible operation, accurate positioning, fast speed (for two lines of equipment about 500 to 1300 per hour , That is, 1000 ~ 2600 lines / hour). Ultrasonic power margin, while the new transducer design, high-power, long time under the conditions of work is also stable and reliable, and equipped with a knife installation detection function to facilitate the judge whether the correct installation of the knife. Because the transducer is the core part of the machine, its stable operation and the correct installation of the chopper directly affect the solderability and solder joint quality.Wire Machine

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