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A Detailed Analysis Of The Performance And Structure Of Welding Wire Machine
- Sep 15, 2017 -

     Welding wire is the basic method of electronic connection between IC and encapsulation. The weld line is considered to be the most cost-effective and flexible connection technology that is used to assemble most semiconductor packages. From the control point of view, the weld line is very challenging, it requires extremely high acceleration, short displacement, and very short stability time, high accuracy, high throughput.Welding Wire Machine

    Wire welding machine can be used metal wire production diameter 13um (0.5mil) connection. The connection is formed by the combination of high temperature, pressure and ultrasonic energy at the end of the Gold line. The appearance of the welder is similar to that of a sewing machine. A one-time tool like noodles, we call it a capillary that generates lines through this thin tube and eventually connects to the semiconductor surface.Welding Wire Machine

    Producing a line connection is generally divided into 4 phases: In position control mode, the welding bead is placed on the mat (semiconductor surface) to detect the connection between the bead and the pad, smooth switch to the torque control mode during the first connection formation, and once the connection is completed, the smooth transition to the position control mode, Perform a coordinate XYZ movement to a second connection position of 4) to form a second connection to smooth transition to the torque control mode.Welding Wire Machine

    Automatic wire welding machine is the use of ultrasonic frequency of mechanical vibration energy, connecting the same metal or dissimilar metals. When the metal is in ultrasonic welding, the current is not transmitted to the workpiece, also do not apply high-temperature heat source to the workpiece, but the vibration energy into the workplace friction, so that the welding surface metal heating, plastic deformation, in the early stages of welding to eliminate the welding zone oxide film and impurities, under a certain static pressure, so that the two metal kin together, That is, to achieve solid welding.Welding Wire Machine