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How The Wire Bonding Machine Works
- Jun 08, 2017 -

    Welders, including wire machine, aluminum machine, ultrasonic wire bonders. General gold wire machine ASM copper wire welding is currently the most market is KS CONNX machine efficiency is very high, and the most popular aluminum line of non-OE machine is none other than the most popular.Wire Machine

    Welders are mainly used in high-power devices: light-emitting diode (LED), laser tube (laser), small and medium-sized power transistor, integrated circuit and some special semiconductor devices within the lead welding.Wire Machine

    Welding principle:

    1, the machine used to achieve the different surface of the medium welding, is a physical change process. First, the first end of the gold wire must be processed to form a spherical (the machine uses negative electrons into the ball), and the metal surface of the first Heat treatment; then the ball in the time and pressure under the joint action, in the metal welding surface plastic deformation, so that the two media to achieve reliable contact, and by ultrasonic friction vibration, the two metal atoms between the role of atomic affinity Under the formation of metal bonds, to achieve the gold wire lead welding. Nitto gold ball in the electrical properties and environmental applications is better than silicon aluminum wire welding, but because of the use of precious metal welding parts must be heated, the application is relatively narrow The

    2, through the ultrasonic source and the transducer produced by the interaction of the ultrasonic (usually 40 ~ 140KHz), through the horn to the energy gathered in the tip of the porcelain mouth, lead (gold or aluminum wire) driven by the ceramic mouth to do high Frequency vibration, and the metal surface to be rubbed with each other, the surface oxide crack, and produce plastic deformation, and ultimately in the welding surface to form a solid metal bonding.Wire Machine