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Surface Treatment Method Of Wire Surface Treatment
- Jun 08, 2017 -

     A nickel alloy wire surface treatment method relates to a surface treatment method for removing scale and polishing of nickel alloy wire rods. Which is characterized in that the nickel alloy wire is used to remove the nickel oxide wire and the surface quality defect of the nickel alloy wire by using the cemented carbide turning tool; the surface of the nickel alloy wire is polished with the surface of the nickel alloy wire after the rotation of the planetary belt reel The

    Compared with traditional pickling method, this method has the advantages of thorough removal of scale and surface defects, high metal recovery rate, good surface quality of wire, simple process, low production cost and improved production environment.Wire Surface Treatment

    In the process of nickel and nickel-based alloy wire, the removal of the scale after annealing is a key issue. The use of high-pressure water blasting method, you can get rid of the low recovery rate, serious environmental pollution of the traditional pickling process, but in the actual production process and the results of the situation, sandblasting descaling process equipment failure rate, low production efficiency nickel alloy steel Scale removal effect is not ideal, a serious constraint to the production of bottlenecks.Wire Surface Treatment

    In the sandblasting descaling process can not meet the production needs, the nickel alloy wire oxide to the traditional pickling process is still used, which increases the cost of material flow and production cycle. In the production of precision alloy products, due to the use of the apparent quality requirements, due to the Fe-Ni alloy oxide thicker, a pickling is difficult to remove the oxide, and multiple pickling metal loss, and After the pickling off the ointment caused by the pit defects on the finished product quality caused a great impact.Wire Surface Treatment

    Nickel-iron products due to the inherent defects in rolling, in the drawing process to bring irreversible defects, such as skin, from the thorn, oxide fracture, the apparent quality is constrained. Limited to the requirements of environmental protection, the implementation of the traditional pickling process there is a large investment and metal recovery rate of the problem, pickling water, the discharge of water will contain hexavalent Cr, Ni ions and other harmful elements, to effectively deal with will bring expensive costs, Another pickling in the alkali explosion generated by the "yellow smoke" and the blasting sound can not be eliminated, to the environment caused by greater pollution.Wire Surface Treatment