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Working principle of plastic wire drawing machine
- Jan 14, 2018 -

Since the wire drawing machine system is a very high speed requirement, the system needs to provide a very accurate and smooth linear speed. If used in the ordinary plastic wire drawing machine for higher requirements. The operation of the system requires coordination between the motors.

Working principle of plastic wire drawing machine.

Pull the head of the continuous production equipment, drawing step by step is composed of multiple wire drawing machine, disposable cold-drawn steel wire, copper wire, wire such as required by the specifications, the wind and the finished product line work efficiency is higher, the equipment cover an area of an area small. Plastic wire drawing machine is composed of several parts, pay-off, wire drawing, water-cooled, wire and cable, including power driven mainly by actinomyces motor cable machine, in order to realize the production quality and efficiency for the enterprise is critical. Wire drawing machine, is mainly composed of some basic steps to put lines of wire drawing process, the accuracy of the request is not too high the whole link, wire drawing machine, plastic wire drawing machine control, mechanical drawing, the alignment of the decision of the inverter drive motorized operation, but there are also part of the mechanical drawing of the double frequency conversion control, and even can be directly send draft draw link thread tension wire drawing machine, free pay-off, drawing link is one of the most important aspects, our work of the machine.