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Wire drawing process.
- Jan 16, 2018 -

Drawing is a kind of new surface treatment technology, it is at the base material, aluminum plate under the action of external force to force through metal molds, metal cross-sectional area is compressed, cross sectional area and obtain the required shape and size of technology processing method called wire drawing die, drawing boards with high quality aluminum plate as base material, the use of superior performance, the surface color bright, uniform, stable and lasting, satisfy the consumers the pursuit of high quality and fashion sense.

At present, the surface tension of imported diamond wheel is usually adopted, and it is processed by various chemical treatments such as pressure type and roller coating.

With superior performance, it has good sound absorption, sound insulation and good fireproof performance.

The surface color is bright, uniform, fashionable feeling is strong, give a person with strong visual impact.

Its material appearance has a very strong metal texture, can be compared with stainless steel wire brush grain, grain clarity, even with super heat resistance, weather resistance, fire resistance, and resistance to dirt easy clean huo, is a new type of high-grade adornment material in today's fashion, especially suitable for high-grade integration ceiling smallpox, combination of smallpox condole top, interior decoration and the exteriors of high-grade household appliances plate decoration.