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Wire Drawing machine Tension control instability, swing bar up and down seriously
- Jan 27, 2018 -

Cause: This phenomenon occurs mainly in the following situations:

Equipment itself, the pendulum on the weight of heavy or too light, mechanical drive slip phenomenon, mainly due to the belt in the drive slip phenomenon, this phenomenon is generally due to belt wear and mechanical internal shaft and bearing aging deformation caused by transmission difficulties.

Frequency converter to control the accuracy of the motor. The wire drawing machine controlled by the double frequency converter, is to require two-drive motor (drawing motor, receiving machine) in the drive equipment speed as much as possible to better the production, that is, to maintain the draw machine, the tension of the stability of the line, keep the two-line speed on the more ideal match. To better meet this requirement, remove the mechanical properties of the requirements, frequency converter selection and precision control has a close relationship. General F Curve-type inverter control and advanced vector (voltage and same) control mode can not match, F curve can only do simple speed control, which is based on the frequency of changes in the voltage also varies and there is a fixed curve control mode (can not guarantee the load occurs suddenly or increase the speed of stability), But the vector type has the characteristic which the F does not have, it is in accordance with the frequency of changes and the voltage also varies with the load changes or increase the reduction in time to effectively correct the current large (output voltage changes) and achieve speed of stability, that is, F curve control speed stability is poor, large slip, vector-type Control is good stability, small slip, both in the selection of inverter and control mode of choice will exist, inverter in the ordinary F curve control equipment its tension stability is obviously different from the vector control (especially in the load or tell the operation of more obvious)

3 Precision potentiometer and its related component reasons. such as potentiometer wear, Shitong, driven potentiometer rotating gears, etc., in the drive potentiometer has a pause phenomenon, controller reason is generally PID constant deviation from the factory set too many circumstances will occur tension instability. In general, the PID constant of the controller can achieve the control requirement.