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Wire drawing machine parts?
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1 screw: a screw extruder is the most important part, is a direct straight line wire drawing machine related to the extruder's application of ribbed bar production line and productivity, PP screw is generally divided into three segments, namely conveying, in addition material can be plasticized, but warm, its main role is to transport. Second paragraph is compressed, additionally screw grooves from big becomes small, and the temperature to achieve the degree of to complete the item finally metering section of plastic and in addition keep the plasticization temperature of material and plant material with a certain amount of straightening and cutting machine to supply the nose, in addition to temperature should not be below the plasticizing temperature. 2, barrel: main screw with the realization of softening of the plastic, plastic to plastic is fully heated and full of plastic into a principle. 3: the film role of the head is parallel to the melt into a rotary motion to linear motion, and give necessary pressure to plastic, plastic barrel of plastic compaction, filtering it to must flow through the membrane neck into the head through the diaphragm forming.