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Wire Drawing machine controller line speed display and set the speed difference is too large
- Jan 27, 2018 -

Reason 1: Host inverter parameter set improperly.

Processing 1: Mainly for the equipment to run the main engine frequency conversion highest speed and set the corresponding maximum frequency, this parameter depends on the mechanical transmission and motor pole number and the speed and other data to calculate how high the motor needs to achieve the highest line speed of the equipment. This frequency is the highest frequency of the frequency converter. Another frequency converter in the frequency limit and other relevant parameters, in principle, can not be arbitrarily changed.

Reason 2: Sensor selection is not good.

Treatment 2: The meter wheel has a sensor, which represents a signal of the controller two times per induction. So the meter wheel on each turn one week, sensor induction two times for the correct. The brand quality of the sensor is particularly important. There are many electromagnetic interference in the equipment itself and outside, in principle, the equipment as far as possible chassis safety grounding will also greatly reduce the source of interference, the sensor should choose NPN high-frequency type and has its own anti-interference ability of the brand sensor, if the sensor selection is not good, small pull machine will be reflected at high speed may be unable to induction or error. In the central pull on the general will because the body can not connect into one grounding, the line speed will appear significantly different, and there will be obvious fluctuations.

Reason 3: Controller DC10 voltage failure. The parameter is not set correctly.

Processing 3: Mainly about the line circumference of the parameter set is correct, otherwise this phenomenon will occur. Controller on the DC10 voltage if there is a fault, such as high or low will also lead to this phenomenon, judge that this situation is due to the controller dc10v problems, please return to our repair.