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Wire Drawing machine Controller display version expired and unable to work
- Jan 27, 2018 -

Reason: There are two reasons for this phenomenon: first, the computer controller has a parameter for the probation period set, in principle, should be 0000 invalid, this for the correct setting, if set the number of days, then the controller work to such a number of days after this phenomenon will occur. Another reason is that the external power of the device caused by strong interference controller misoperation (interference problem will be described in the following comments).

Processing: The use of factory-specific password (not provided to the user's password) into the parameter group, first set the probation period to 0000 (even if the original is 0000 also have to be reset), and then if the other parameters are not disorderly just set this parameter on the line; Then the factory reset and then reset to meet the equipment to the relevant parameters.