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Wire drawing machine application performance characteristics
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Low frequency torque and stable output.

High performance vector control.

Good energy saving effect

The proportional linkage control precision is high.

It has the function of slip compensation and high speed accuracy.

Keep the tension constant and prevent breakage.

Use the latest high-speed motor to control the special chip DSP to ensure the fast response of vector control.

The modularization design of hardware circuit ensures that the circuit is stable and efficient.

The design combines European car design concept with smooth lines and beautiful appearance.

The structure adopts the independent air duct design, the fan can be disassembled freely, the heat dissipation is good.

No PG vector control, PG vector control, torque control, V/F control can be selected.

Powerful input and output multifunctional programmable terminal, speed regulation pulse input, two analog output.

The unique "excavator" adaptive control feature is used to limit the automatic limit system of motor torque during operation and effectively suppress the frequent tripping.

Wide voltage input, output voltage automatic voltage stabilizer (AVR), instantaneous power failure, the adaptability can be stronger.

Built-in advanced PID algorithm, quick response, strong adaptability, easy debugging; 16 speed control, simple PLC to realize the multi-function logic control such as timing, constant speed and orientation, and various flexible control methods to meet the requirements of various complex operating conditions.

With the built-in international standard MODBUS RTU ASCII communication protocol, the user can control the frequency converter 485 communication network by PC/PLC control.