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Will the improved wire-drawing machine really save energy?
- Jan 07, 2018 -

Now in the market of wire drawing machine used in the heating mode for ordinary through resistance type electric heating circle, we all know that through the contact way of conduction of heat to the cylinder, only close to the quantity of heat to the inside of the cylinder surface to the cylinder, so most of the lateral heat loss into the air, there is a heat conduction losses, and cause temperature rise. Another disadvantage is that the power density is low, which can not be used in some heated situations requiring high temperature.

Now the society is pursuing green and environmental protection energy conservation, and the electromagnetic heater is used to transform and develop a new generation controller to make the drawing machine more stable and the failure rate is lower

Electromagnetic heating coil skill is not hot, and the insulation materials and high temperature cable manufacturing, it used to use longer life, warming faster, no maintenance, node effect is remarkable, greatly reduces the production cost of enterprise.


Q; What are the advantages of electromagnetic heating energy saving mainboard?

A; It can be reduced by two thirds in preheating. Electromagnetic heating is the direct heating of high temperature insulation cotton on the surface of the feeding tube, the electromagnetic wire is wound on the insulation cotton, and the electric magnetic induction is used to make the cylinder generate eddy heat and low heat dissipation

Q; The principle of electromagnetic heating

A; Inverter electromagnetic heaters are devices that convert electrical energy into heat energy using electromagnetic induction. To 220 v or 380 v, 50 hz alternating current is converted into frequency for 20-40 KHZ high frequency high voltage, high speed change of high frequency high voltage electric current flows through the coil produces high speed change of alternating magnetic field, when the magnetic field lines inside the magnetic field through the guide magnetic metal material in the metal body produce a myriad of small vortex, when to make metal material itself to heat quickly, thus heating metal materials in the cylinder. At the same time, with the efficient thermal insulation device, the maximum reduction of low heat loss can achieve the effect of large saving power. Using this heating method, the energy conversion efficiency is as high as 90~95%

What are the characteristics of the electromagnetic heating controller?

A; The technological revolution of energy saving energy saving in wire drawing machine

The power saving effect can reach 30% ~ 75%

Improve the quality of enterprise products and improve production efficiency

Environmental protection effect is good, reduce production workshop environment temperature significantly

Avoid the unsafe factors of traditional heating

High cost performance and quick maintenance