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What is the difference between a large and small drawing machine?
- Feb 08, 2018 -

        Usually, it's the larger companies that use the wire-drawing machine, and they're all large wire-drawing machines. In fact, there are some small wire-drawing machines, which are more powerful. Today, we will briefly introduce the common features and differences of small and large scale.

        In fact, in terms of size, it is clear that small wire-drawing machines must be used for smaller sizes. In general, it is most suitable for use in bottles of 5/10 or 1 to 2 ml. So, a lot of time often need to convert the specifications to each other, so have to make two adjustments to continue operation and mechanical operation, the aim is to ensure production run smoothly, mainly includes the two aspects, first is the regulation of transmission gear plate; The second is the adjustment of feeding hopper.

        In addition to the size of the volume on the points, in fact, compared to small wire drawing machine and large wire drawing machine, almost can't find the bigger difference, the only from the complexity of the structure and function has the branch of the size, different industry also has its limits the use of the difference between the points.

        In terms of use, may be some large wire drawing machine has a wide application range, and relatively small wire drawing machine is more restrictive, more suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry these two aspects, so it's widely degrees is relatively narrow, mainly used for filling airtight sealing ampoule bottle filling liquid.

        The small wire drawing machine and usually use function is more complete, and application in the practical work, the use of metering pump piston quantitative filling, whenever there was a lack of bottle can automatically stop priming. It is commonly used for double needle type, with very compact structure, safe function, convenient operation, stable operation and very reliable operation.

        To sum up, wire drawing machine of large and small difference is not obvious, their characteristics and purposes are not far, only choice and use of functions, in the industry have a different scope.