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What are the equipment of the wire drawing machine?
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Each machine has its basic equipment, understand equipment which can better grasp the use of the machine, can better maintenance of the machine for daily use, but also to improve the quality of factory production and production preparation.

High speed wire drawing machine is mainly used for drawing copper wire, and its main electric drive part consists of drafting motor, winding motor and line motor. Other auxiliary equipment

The supporting part consists of swing rod (tension frame), positioning wheel, dividing line wheel, and rearrangement rod, etc. The draft motor drives the extension wire wheel, and the four-level extension wire is connected by belt to realize the metal drawing. The winding motor realizes the winding, and the equipment profile and function requirements are as follows:


1. 1 basic equipment parameters:


Product name: high speed fine line extension machine.


Draft motor (KW): 11/4p.


Winding motor (KW): 4/4p.


Into the lines diameter (mm) : Φ 0.6 to 1.20


Outlet wire diameter (mm) : Φ 0.08 to 0.32


Maximum mechanical speed (m/s): 2500(Max)


Resistance: 5 k Ω 1. 2 technical specifications and requirements:


The synchronization requirement of the device when the lifting speed is started;


Keep the tension constant while the equipment is running;


It is required to synchronize when parking, without breaking wire or tension.


The broken line protection required for the safety production of the equipment;


The function of point moving threading;


The external button starts to run;


The running speed display;


It is about 1:3 with the diameter of the full disk.


The weight of the full plate is about 50kg;


The maximum operating frequency is about 70HZ.