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What are the characteristics of frequency converter used in drawing machine?
- Feb 08, 2018 -

With the development of technology, more and more devices tend to be diversified. In recent years, frequency conversion technology has become a hot spot in the development, and it has been well applied in wire drawing machine equipment. The main function of wire drawing machine is to process copper wire into different specifications to meet different needs.

Generally, the structure of the wire drawing machine is not complicated. In the process of work, it depends on different organizations to realize various production requirements. The driving part consists of three parts, which are the line motor, the receiving motor and the line motor. The main function is to achieve constant speed. Now with the frequency converter, with the help of the converter, the effect of the wire drawing machine is more prominent.

Let's first analyze how these related components work together in the process of working in a wire drawing machine. First of all, with two inverter respectively be in charge of the management control of pay-off and take-up motor, the former through external potentiometer rotational speed, the latter by the former analog AM output signals, tension balance feedback signal through the line in after PID regulator control frequency converter. Then, according to the transmission and feedback of different signals, the control can be adjusted so that the linear velocity of the processed silk thread can be stabilized.

In addition, in the process of application of frequency converter, before working, we can debug, at the time of debugging, pay attention to whether the starting stage, stage or parking will pay-off and take-up motor synchronized starting. To facilitate the next step of drawing machine. Then, notice that in the start-up stage, the tension bar is placed slightly in the middle position before the frequency converter runs, and then it can be slowly accelerated after starting, and the relevant parameters are adjusted according to the specific conditions.

To stop stage, in order to prevent the phenomenon of bolt, during operation, should pay attention to the pay-off and take-up motor should be in accordance with the current operating frequency, at a certain time to slow down, makes the pay-off and take-up motor accurate parking and can avoid the wire drawing machine wire.