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Use and maintenance of steel bar straightening machine
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1. material frame, and material slot should equipment straight, and to alignment wire tube, and Xia cut hydraulic adjustable straight machine factory knife hole of center line; 1 wire tube Qian should equipment a root 1M long of pipe, steel should first channeling had pipe in into adjustable straight tube front-end of guide bore; adjustable straight die of diameter should than by adjustable steel diameter big 2-4mm, adjustable straight die of big mouth should oriented steel into of direction; drive speed should according to steel diameter size selection, diameter big of steel should selection slow speed, by debugging qualified rear can sent material. Before feeding, straight tip should be removed before operation.

2. objects and other things cannot be placed on the machine.

3. homework before hand roll the flywheel and check the transmission arrangement and equipment of automatic straightening machine, adjust the gap, the fastening bolt, in the rolling parts great grease; confessed to normal, idle test and check is there abnormal sound of bearings. Gear is good job correctly in the initial job.

4. in the straightening blocks are not fixed, shields can't feed without having to cover neiszpwkd; stop opened during the straightening process deformed steel bar straightening machine protection cover to adjust the gap. Cannot adjust the transmission of any horizontal position. Imagine improper adjustment would constitute reinforcement inside the damaged machinery.

5. when the bar away after hand wheel to keep distance shall not come nigh

6. when straightening and adjusting each plate steel bars, handheld tube guard steel knife wire tube, preventing steel bar comfortable swinging cuts.

7. Rod put on the shelf stable shelves in a mechanical distance 5-8M distance.

8. by straightening of steel any slower corners, you can gradually increase the offset of the straightening blocks. Until it is stopped straightening. 3-4 bar after the interception, should check the length of downtime when beyond the promised errors, you should adjust the position switch or cut to length plate. To tuned steel bars according to grade, diameter, length and stacked, each number, for use.

9. maintenance job to do in each class, using 700h should be done after a level maintained. First include; clean up debris and oil body; the active parts of proper lubrication check parts wear, scratch, damaged need to replace, throw-away padded electrical need integrity, insulation, otherwise need replacement.

10. the equipment to do a small clearing in a day. Disorder of such machines during the operation, promptly notify the maintenance staff repair. Prevent operators and independent operators who overhaul