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Troubleshooting of wire drawing machine and classification of mould.
- Jan 20, 2018 -

We need to make a wire drawing die with the actual configuration of our copper wire drawing machine. This is a very important point in our drawing process.

First, the tension on the tension frame is unstable.

The second, the copper wire on the annealing wheel wobble.

Third, the main motor's gear box in the long production use caused by wear.

First began, unstable tension frame, then we can on tension frame for maintenance, often related to lubricate moving parts to avoid our tension when told to run, appeared in the process of drawing not harmonious, because of the friction force and uneven, and finally make our line in addition, we have to adjust the magnitude of the tension frame, the copper wire in wire drawing process always cling to annealing wheel, don't cry because it is able to ensure our annealing wheel vibrate sparks or defects on the surface of the friction caused by annealing wheel leads to the instability of annealing current. In addition, we according to the actual configuration of our copper wire drawing machine to do a drawing die mold fitting, in addition to pay attention to the slip coefficient of a wire drawing, this is our wire drawing mold fitting is very important in the process.

Drawing machine mould:

1. Types and applications of molds.

(1) hard alloy die, its advantages are: good wear resistance; Small adhesion; Good polishing; Small friction coefficient; High corrosion resistance.

(2) diamond die, because the natural diamond model is very expensive and very fragile, mainly used for the drawing of fine lines.

(3) polycrystalline (artificial diamond), with the same high hardness and high wear resistance as natural diamond, mainly used in the middle mold of small drawing machine.

(4) steel mould, easy to repair, low price, but poor hardness and abrasion resistance and low life span, mainly used for small production and enlarged section lines.

2. Structural dimensions of the mold.

The die hole of wire drawing dies has four parts:

(1) inlet lubrication area: with circular arc, easy to enter the work area.

(2) work area: plastic deformation occurs when metal is stretched, and the compression of wire section is reduced.

(3) fixed diameter zone: ensure that the wire size and shape are accurate and uniform, and extend the service life of the die.

(4) outlet area: the outlet end shall prevent the collapse of the bamboo joint scratches and the outlet of the fixed diameter area during parking.