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To avoid the items and the use standard of wire drawing machine.
- Jan 20, 2018 -

For any device, as users we don't want it at some bad phenomena appeared in the process of running, drawing machine of straight into the natural, so whether the selection of equipment, installation or use will be more careful and avoid have other factors have a negative impact on it.

In the installation of straight wire drawing machine, it is more basic to have a solid foundation so that the machine can avoid vibration during operation. In the process of the direct wire drawing machine, it is necessary to make the tension axis of the wire and the center line of die hole symmetrical, which is to ensure that the wire and drawing die are evenly applied to avoid damage.

In addition, be sure to avoid frequent start or stop the straight into the wire drawing machine running, so the equipment at the early time of friction is bigger than normal drawing of friction, this will increase the mould wear and tear. In addition, wire some disadvantages can also through the corresponding measures to avoid, mainly involves the surface pretreatment and heat treatment, as long as to master the correct way, straight into the wire drawing machine and its production of products is beneficial.

Not only does the drawing machine have different models, but the corresponding drawing fluid also has different requirements, so that the ideal effect can be achieved when the two are matched. Normally, some large and medium wire drawing machines do not need to be heated, as long as there is a special tin wire drawing die; For small wire drawing machines and fine wire drawing machines, it is necessary to heat the drawing liquid to the appropriate temperature before operation.

In addition to drawing also have to choose to be reasonable, its use will be carried out in accordance with the requirements, such as straight into the wire drawing machine wire drawing liquid temperature control in commonly 65 ~ 85 °, but that is not fixed, should undertake adjustment according to the actual operation requirements, after drawing liquid heating will heat up in the wire drawing machine box. The second is the water level of the drawing fluid, which can not exceed the center of the tower shaft.