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Mechanical drawing methods commonly used wire drawing machine there are several
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Drawing process is a kind of commonly used appearance disposal wrist, especially for metal products appearance processing and disposal. Compared with other appearance treatment process, can make the metal drawing technology looks in the mirror luster, flanging (machine) like silk have very strong adornment effect, more can show the simple sense of metal material, so the current drawing technology been recognized by more and more market and widespread application.

The processing mode of external wire drawing is to choose different processing methods according to the request of drawing effect, the size and shape of different workpiece appearance. There are two ways of drawing wire drawing and mechanical drawing. The following is an introduction to mechanical drawing.

There are several common drawing machines:

1, horizontal pressure type abrasive belt wire drawing machine, flat wire drawing is one of the common wire drawing machine, workpiece is fixed on the mould, grinding sand with high speed, abrasive belt is the opposite of a pneumatic control can move up and down the pressure, abrasive belt after press stop drawing stick take in processed appearance. The equipment commonly used is flat pressure sand belt. Flat pressure drawing is adapted to the drawing surface of small area, such as the wire drawing of the digital camera shell, the wire of the cell phone and so on. The lines that come out of this wire are usually straight threads of continuous silk. Due to the use of abrasive belt, spinning machine universal size range of choices, so it can choose a coarse-grained abrasive belt and processing the rough, there is a clear line, feel also can choose fine-grained sand belt and work out a more exquisite silking. The 3M company is not only able to provide regular sand belts, but also provides a more suitable pyramid series of sand belts and non-woven nylon belt. Abrasive belt grinding drawing for the appearance as a whole, can produce a lot of heat, and the workpiece drawing side to produce stress concentration problem, especially for thin wall parts will produce case become warped deformation problem. Therefore, this mode is adapted to the small area of brushed processing. Since it is a pressure-operated operation, it is usually applied to the flat surface, and the appearance can not have a platform, such as a protuberant text mark, etc. However, through the clever design of the mould such as pressing block, it can also stop the drawing of a slightly bent piece of work. Detailed methods should be discussed in detail at the level of bending.

2. Non-woven roller brush drawing machine: the workpiece is transmitted by the conveyor belt through the non-woven roller brush, and the roller is rotated at high speed to stop the drawing of the workpiece appearance. When drawing, it can use roller brush to vibrate and roller brush not to vibrate two ways, at the same time with different processing speed to produce different lengths of lines. Non-woven roller brush vibrates, can produce very average divergence of discontinuous silk (short silk); Non-woven roller brush does not vibrate, can produce continuous filament (filament or straight wire). This way of drawing, is more and more widely used in notebook magnesium/aluminum alloy panels, keyboard board, mobile phone LCD, battery cover plate, camera maintenance plate, the sliding cover plate of the camera, and so on.

3. Wide belt wire-drawing machine: this kind of drawing machine drawing method is the most traditional drawing method, which is used for flat wire drawing, especially suitable for plate processing. Sand with high-speed rotation, plank walked by with abrasive belt, stop the polishing wiredrawing, (trimming machine), usually made drawing, such as stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate and a half, so as to further made into sheet as raw material to product, such as the elevator wire drawing of stainless steel door, stainless steel bar, aluminum alloy casing, etc. The lines drawn in this way are usually very thin and short, and can be called snow patterns. This kind of method requests the sand belt to have a good match, the line effect of the plate is more average.

4. Centerless grinding machine: this is the way to stop the drawing by the centerless grinding machine. The grinding products used are non-woven wire wheel or sand belt. It is suitable for circular pipe workpiece, such as handle grip. The lines of this method are usually short silks, the length of the silks and the rotation speed of the workpiece, the rotation speed of the grinding product is related to the grinding product itself.