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The working principle of wire drawing machine is the same as the traditional drawing machine
- Jan 01, 2018 -

The production wire drawing machine is a production setup equipment deployment with multiple drawing heads, which can be pulled to the required specification at one time by pulling at each stage. To guaranteeing each drawing head synchronous operation, the xin electrical and mechanical drawing machine by tension sensor dynamic measurement each drawing wire tension between the head, is converted to scale the tension signal (0 ~ 20 ma, or 0 ~ 10 v), using the scale feedback signal to the frequency converter, frequency converter using this signal as the closed-loop PID control, PID calculation on superimposed on the main rate of mediation, connecting the various tension constant tension testing point, also can wire drawing machine things are state in the synchronization of the constant tension, thereby guaranteeing wire drawing process continuously. Maximum drawing speed is 20 m/s. However, since the wire diameter of the wire has been changed since the pull of each stage, the rate of each drawing should change.